A professional and inspiring presentation
starts with a relaxed speaker

A professional and inspiring presentation
starts with a relaxed speaker

Speaking Happens is the ultimate specialist in one-on-one presentation coaching. Their unique approach has already helped hundreds of people free themselves of tension, with natural, compelling presentations as a result.

Presentation coaching
(Live & Online)

The only answer to tension is release, or relaxation. What is it that prevents you from completely being yourself when you’re being looked at and listened to? In the safe setting of one-on-one presentation coaching, you’ll be able to experience how you easy it is to present naturally, live or online, without giving it a second thought.
Read more about how you too can learn to give presentations in a relaxed, interesting and professional manner …read more

Group training
(Live & Online)

Unique in-company training in which there is room to tackle everyone’s own particular obstacles and ways of improving. You’re invited to speak without losing yourself in tension, false security and control. Your natural speaking style is the starting point. Technique comes after that. Honest, non-judgemental peer feedback. Read more about ‘Presenting Naturally’ and ‘Storytelling’…read more

Presentation stress? Unhealthy tension? Frightened you’ll fail, come across as unprofessional or get tongue-tied? Find it hard to deal with critical questions? Or difficult to be yourself when speaking in front of a group? Does preparing yourself just cost too much time?

Would you actually prefer not to give a presentation?

With this team on your side, you don’t have to cope on your own!

Unique professionals, all trained and certified by the School voor Presentatiecoaching  . Experienced coaches, who are committed to understanding your personal challenge.A Speaking Happens coach gives peace of mind. They really look at you and listen to you. Equal cooperation is the basis.

(Executive) Presentation coaches and trainers

Arie Rustenburg

Arold Langeveld

Pauline Kuijper

Roeland Kooijmans

Arie Rustenburg

Judith van Zelm van Eldik

Arold Langeveld

Arold Langeveld


Thank you KFC for trusting us to help your management with your executive presentations!

Thank you, Danone for the great opportunity you gave Judith to train your trainers in how to build, structure and deliver a training online! You learned, we learned and the participants of your trainings will definitely learn from the new, impactful way you will train them from now on.

Our clients

A small selection from our clientèle

Businesses, organisations, government, Tedx speakers and self-employed people choose Speaking Happens. Because personal presentation coaching works!

Clients’ reactions speak volumes!

“The coaching has been invaluable for my personal development and my career. If I hadn’t conquered my fear of public speaking, I wouldn’t have been able to function in my current job. I still can hardly believe that I’m no longer afraid to stand in front of a group, and actually secretly rather enjoy it.”

Bram, consultant


“I took a coaching session with Speaking Happens to address my fear of public speaking. I recently gave a presentation for the first time after that session, and it felt wonderful. I was relaxed, standing in front of a room full of people, and almost enjoyed doing it. I should have done this years ago!”

Arlene Bosman, ABN-AMRO bank

“My presentation coach’s strongest point was that he respected me and looked carefully at what was actually preventing me from being myself when presenting. Once that became clear, the rest was easy. It’s quite overwhelming, the first time you stand in front of a group feeling free and natural. I’m so glad I tackled this, and that I got exactly the right coach to help me get through it! Thank you.”

L. de Mey, nurse trainer

“Even if my audience didn’t notice a differenc (which I doubt), the biggest and most important difference for me personally, is that my presentation coach taught me stress-free presenting. And that’s a fantastic feeling.”

Geraldine Brouwers, General Manager Mazda Motor Nederland 


“Speaking Happens put me back in touch with something I’d lost for some time when presenting; my boyish spirit and enthusiasm.”

Filip Mens, architect

Natural speakers sound just like themselves!