Six unique group trainings that will inspire you to present powerful, relaxed and spontaneous!

Presenting Naturally

You don’t believe it? Is it possible to speak in public without tension taking over, searching for the words and trying to stay in control? Can you be powerful, relaxed and spontaneous, humorous without any effort whatsoever? Yes, you can, and even better… you can be all those things now! Connect with yourself, so you can get connected to your audience. Once you know how that feels, you’ll never want to be any other way. A unique in-company group training for anyone wanting to learn effortless presentation, relaxed and natural.

Making presentations is a nerve-racking task. Any insecurities you may have about your knowledge, competence and attitude will only be exaggerated. The idea of being judged brings out vulnerabilities and insecurities. Many people choose to solve that by focusing on the trappings: the preparation, learning text off by heart and the resulting stilted presentation style. We offer you the only alternative that really works: Presenting Naturally. You have the expertise, eloquence, spontaneity, humour and improvisation skills: you just need make room for them through relaxation, confidence and commitment. Even if you’re an experienced speaker, you’ll find some interesting eye-openers in this amazing training. And you can immediately apply the pointers from the trainer to the presentations. Smoother presentations, direct effect. We use video recordings so we can review your personal progress. We film the presentation and transfer it to a usb stick which you can take home with you at the end of the training day.

This is a unique and inspiring in-company group training for anyone looking to enhance their presentation and communication skills. This 1 or 2-day training is ideal for teams, learning relaxation, trust and spontaneity as the basis of their presentations. And don’t forget the unifying effect this training will have, thanks to honest, non-judgemental peer feedback in a non-threatening environment. We spend the morning searching for the ways you can connect with your authentic and natural speech style. The QandA method teaches us brief, stress-free preparation,time-saving and effective, to get the core message across better. The afternoon is an opportunity to present to each other, in a non-threatening setting, based on natural speech. This training is ideal for teams of up to 5 people. For larger groups, we work with 2 trainers, and divide the group into 2 for the afternoon session.

Effortless public speaking

Being the focus of a group’s attention affects people differently. A healthy tension keeps you alert and energetic. Unfortunately, for many people the tension they feel when given the opportunity to present is anything but pleasant and functional. You tend to either make yourself very small, almost invisible, or puff yourself up. Then you cover the vulnerability with a mask, isolating you, the speaker, even more.
The only answer to tension is release, or relaxation.The unique PreZENting® group training will carefully guide you to find the peace within yourself. If you stop fighting against tension and fear, you’ll be able to relax in front of an audience. Only then will you be able to speak naturally. Authentic and compelling, and with no effort!

You won’t find inner peace when presenting by being controlling or through tips and tricks. In this day-long training, you’ll learn that the peace you’re always looking for is within your reach, as soon as you stop looking for something else than that which is already in you. The safety and security you search for when you tense up, can be found in the connection with your feelings, and with your audience, rather than by fighting or shunning that connection.

A practical, safe training, and you will reap its benefits in every situation  that may cause tension.

The day consists of the following components:

  • Tune into your breathing
  • Take responsibility for your desire for inner peace
  • Dare to be seen with your fear
  • Find safety in the connection, not in avoiding it.

To make sure every participant can fully experience PreZENting®, the group is restricted to a maximum of 6 participants. If more people wish to take the training, either the services of a second trainer will be enlisted, or the training will take place over 2 days.

Storytelling; your real story!

“If you have something to say, you need a good story”.

Whether you’re telling a story in a lift or during lunch, on social media or in writing, whether you’re doing it to sell a product or position the company, storytelling is a fantastic way of getting your message across.

How do you tell your story, or the organisation’s story, to get real impact? What is at the centre of your story? What’s the point you’re making?

And most importantly, how do you package your personal story in a concise narrative structure… so it moves and is memorable?

Take the opportunity this practical and inspiring day offers to experiment, exchange stories and interact and get lots of practical information.

  • What makes a story a story? Introducing the story model. Which ingredients should a story contain? What makes a story a good story?
  • Why do you tell a story? To convince, to motivate, to increase appeal and inspire.
  • What is the core message? What is the essence you want to get across? How does this core message convert to various stories and diverse contexts?
  • How do you make a connection? What gives you credibility? How do you achieve your goal? About authenticity and veracity.
  • Focus on a simple and easily-applicable storytelling instruction (for both writing and telling).
  • Practising and telling stories.

By the end of the day, we guarantee you’ll have gathered ideas and insights to help you tell your real story, and have had the opportunity of actually practising telling it.

Critical audience? Retaliate, capitulate or…?

You’ve done your preparation. You know what you’re talking about. You’re feeling calm and confident. And then it happens. There’s that one man or woman in the audience. They looked a bit unfriendly from the moment they came in. And now they’re firing questions at you in such a way that it feels like a personal attack. You’re wondering whether they’re actually genuine questions, or whether that audience member is trying to score points by querying your competence. You lose direction, your story and your composure. You shift into defence mode and the balance is gone.It feels like your power of speech has disappeared, while you’re doing all you can to disguise that fact.
What now? Retaliate, capitulate or …? There is an alternative! Brave Response based on authenticity!

There is an alternative! Get to know Brave Response to a critical audience. Not by putting on armour. Not by allowing yourself to be led into discussion. And not by silencing your audience either.
The way to disarm your audience is to drop your shields and reveal your most honest, authentic self. The power of vulnerability is irresistible! A liberating training for anyone who tends to lose their power when faced with unexpected audience reactions.
We’ll give you realistic tools that you can practise and practise until you feel able to deal with a critical audience from your own natural power and authority. This training is ideal for teams of up to 10 people.

Naturally strong positioning

You know that feeling? When you want to make a point during a meeting, but it doesn’t come out the way you intended? When it seems as though everyone is better able to express themselves than you are, and that nobody really listens to you?

Want to position yourself more strongly, both in business and in your private life? Certain thoughts and feelings can make you feel insecure, causing you to come across as smaller than you actually are. During this training, you’ll gain insight into just how strongly your thoughts and behaviour affect how you position yourself. Thinking differently will motivate you to act differently too! Practise using your natural power, and you’ll realise how you can apply it in your daily life too. You’ll feel more powerful, and that in turn will make you come across as more powerful!

In this practical, interactive workshop, all your senses will make clear to you just which behaviour will enhance the power of your appearance.

We will deal with the following themes:

  • How do you cope with restricting thoughts and how can you base your actions in positivity?
  • What is the effect of preparation, also mental, and relaxation?
  • How do your attitude and body language affect your appearance?
  • Insight into your choice of words; how can you apply effective and powerful language?

The result? Your presenting is relaxed and positive. You’ll find there’s less of a barrier to getting things done and expressing yourself. We use video recordings during the training, which greatly increase the learning effect. People will see really you, and you’ll leave a more lasting impression, positioning yourself more strongly. You’ll notice the positive effect in business situations, during job interviews and also in your private life, becoming a more self-confident version of yourself. In order to safeguard the interaction and exercises in the group, this training will be given to a maximum of 6 participants. If there are more participants, a second trainer will be engaged.

Crippling fear of public speaking
You’re not alone!

Severe fear of public speaking caused by a painful presentation experience.  It really doesn’t matter what the exact situation was. It might have been a public black-out, hyperventilation, an audience that criticised you personally or maybe you even fled. Maybe you became so tense that all you could do was cry, and you had to cut short the presentation? At the core, it’s all the same: an intense feeling of ‘it’s all down to you’. Feelings of isolation and helplessness, of the absence of any safe security.
How do you overcome that? Liberation starts with letting yourself be helped. Speaking Happens has unique, in-depth expertise in the field of fear of public speaking. So you’re no longer alone when it all comes down to you.

Many people have been ‘traumatised’ by a public speaking experience. Most of them don’t talk about it, because they’re ashamed. But we all know how lonely it can feel, when you’re being checked out and judged, when you can’t seem to find the right words, when your voice lets you down, your body is not confident and your facial expressions are mask-like. Feeling abandoned by your body and mind makes you deeply distrust your ‘self’. On an unconscious level, we all experienced that during our first speech at school, and now this history may be repeating itself during uncomfortable introduction rounds at business meetings.
How do you overcome that?
A Speaking Happens presentation coach will start by helping you to acknowledge and accept that occurrence. Then you’ll create a new, safe public speaking experience, together with your coach. And keep doing so until the fear is replaced by confidence.

We use a combination of working methods. Positive reliving of the situation by means of visualisation and comprehending the convictions about self that arose from it. A completely new approach to preparation and structure, empowering you to speak naturally and spontaneously. It’s a new public speaking experience: speaking effortlessly and naturally. Without giving it a second thought: your speech is effortless, relaxed and liberated.In fact, dealing with your fear of public speaking takes you from ‘surviving in the spotlight’ to ‘coming to life in the spotlight’.

Don’t worry about silences falling… they’re unbreakable.