Six unique group trainings that will inspire you to present powerful, relaxed and spontaneous!

Presenting Naturally with Ease and Impact

You don’t believe it? Is it possible to speak in public without tension taking over, searching for the words and trying to stay in control? Can you be powerful, relaxed and spontaneous, humorous without any effort whatsoever? Yes, you can, and even better… you can be all those things now! Connect with yourself, so you can get connected to your audience. Once you know how that feels, you’ll never want to be any other way. A unique in-company group training for anyone wanting to learn effortless presentation, relaxed and natural.

Effortless public speaking

Being the focus of a group’s attention affects people differently. A healthy tension keeps you alert and energetic. Unfortunately, for many people the tension they feel when given the opportunity to present is anything but pleasant and functional. You tend to either make yourself very small, almost invisible, or puff yourself up. Then you cover the vulnerability with a mask, isolating you, the speaker, even more.
The only answer to tension is release, or relaxation.The unique PreZENting® group training will carefully guide you to find the peace within yourself. If you stop fighting against tension and fear, you’ll be able to relax in front of an audience. Only then will you be able to speak naturally. Authentic and compelling, and with no effort!

Storytelling; your real story!

“If you have something to say, you need a good story”.

Whether you’re telling a story in a lift or during lunch, on social media or in writing, whether you’re doing it to sell a product or position the company, storytelling is a fantastic way of getting your message across.

How do you tell your story, or the organisation’s story, to get real impact? What is at the centre of your story? What’s the point you’re making?

And most importantly, how do you package your personal story in a concise narrative structure… so it moves and is memorable?

Critical audience? Retaliate, capitulate or…?

You’ve done your preparation. You know what you’re talking about. You’re feeling calm and confident. And then it happens. There’s that one man or woman in the audience. They looked a bit unfriendly from the moment they came in. And now they’re firing questions at you in such a way that it feels like a personal attack. You’re wondering whether they’re actually genuine questions, or whether that audience member is trying to score points by querying your competence. You lose direction, your story and your composure. You shift into defence mode and the balance is gone.It feels like your power of speech has disappeared, while you’re doing all you can to disguise that fact.
What now? Retaliate, capitulate or …? There is an alternative! Brave Response based on authenticity!

Train the Trainer!

Being a trainer is special. A fascinating position in which you can become more professional and confident by following our 4-day Train the Trainer Training. The time of standard tips & tricks training sessions in which the trainer sends his knowledge without actual interaction is far behind us. This time requires careful guidance with room for everyone’s personal stumbling blocks and natural trainer talent. In this course you develop these personal skills for giving training to groups. The participants get insight and practical experience in how to initiate an effective learning process of a group. In between the days you will be asked to carry out assignments to put what you have learned into practice.

Crippling fear of public speaking
You’re not alone!

Severe fear of public speaking caused by a painful presentation experience.  It really doesn’t matter what the exact situation was. It might have been a public black-out, hyperventilation, an audience that criticised you personally or maybe you even fled. Maybe you became so tense that all you could do was cry, and you had to cut short the presentation? At the core, it’s all the same: an intense feeling of ‘it’s all down to you’. Feelings of isolation and helplessness, of the absence of any safe security.
How do you overcome that? Liberation starts with letting yourself be helped. Speaking Happens has unique, in-depth expertise in the field of fear of public speaking. So you’re no longer alone when it all comes down to you.

Stop informing people. Start to inspire them!