Please answer these questions that relate to ‘giving a presentation’. To be able to work together as efficiently as possible, we ask you to answer the questions honestly and seriously. You don’t need more than 10 minutes if you don’t think about it too long and answer the questions impulsively. You can’t answer the questions in a ‘ right or wrong ‘ way. Your answers will only be seen by us and are not communicated with your employer.

Good luck!





Start date (only in case of incompany group training)


What is your personal motivation to get coached or trained in presenting?

I believe I can improve my level of presenting in the areas of:

Coping with tension or anxiety
Fear of speaking
Content and structure
PowerPoint; creating and presenting
Rate of speech
Interaction with audience
Dealing with (critical) questions
Speaking trauma
Speaking in front of a camera
Other areas of improvement:

Which ones of the above will lead to the biggest improvement? So what is the most important area for you? And why?

Briefly describe an event that made you (as a presenter) feel insecure and briefly describe how you reacted.

Think of a presentation that gave you a good feeling and briefly describe what choices you made why it went so well.

What might make people feel uncomfortable caused by the way you present (yourself)?

How do you feel prior to a presentation?

What are you afraid of that might happen during your presentation?

What personal talent do you use too little when you present?

Finish: The coaching or training will be of value to me when ...

Is there anything you'd like to share regarding the coaching or training?

You will find comfort in making real contact.
Not by trying to avoid it!